Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O'Neill


Two of Irelands most exciting contemporary musicians, singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill and instrumentalist Cormac Begley together create a unique take on Irish folk. With O’Neill’s distinctive voice and Begley’s mastery of 13 concertinas, the pair perform both traditional and contemporary songs that tell stories of a shared humanity that is Irish and at the same time deeply personal. O’Neill’s 2023 album All Of This Is Chance has been described as a timeless piece of work, wholly unbound by style or genre, a universal shot of medicinal magic (Folk Radio) and cements her reputation as a distinctive voice both on the Irish and international music scenes. Begley plays concertinas that range from the bass to piccolo register, and with his daring, soul-stirring approach won Best Folk Instrumentalist 2022 at the RTÉ Folk Awards. Together, the pair recorded All the Tired Horses, the soundtrack to the final scene of the epic TV drama Peaky Blinders 


Artist Workshop

Discover and cultivate your distinctive musical identity in this inclusive workshop designed for all musicians. Cormac, a renowned concertina player from West Kerry, shares insights on personal style development. Topics include practical advice, diverse approaches, and strategies to enhance your expressive capabilities, fostering individuality.

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