Camping FAQs

Camp Rules

To make your festival camping experience a great one, and to keep everyone safe, we have a set of camping rules that all campers must abide by.

You may bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the campsite.

  • You must purchase a Festival + Camping Combo ticket in order to camp.

  • Campers must be 18+ years OR with a parent/caregiver in order to camp.

  • Campsite is open from 9am Friday to 10am Monday.

  • Sites are assigned in order of arrival. There is NO SAVING SPOTS.

  • Groups wishing to camp next to each other must arrive at the same time. You should plan on meeting up prior to driving into the camp entrance. Arrive together to camp together.

  • In order to accommodate all campers, you must camp where assigned. Don’t be a pain! Attempting to camp anywhere else creates a bad buzz for us and you.

  • Noise curfew starts at 1.00 am.

  • No vehicles may exit once they are inside the campsite.

  • All campers are expected to behave in a courteous manner to other campers.

The WOMAD camp is a friendly place with a great atmosphere. We want to ensure our guests are as safe and comfortable as possible. When you buy your Festival + Camping Combo tickets you are agreeing to abide by our camping code of conduct. 

In the event of anti-social, unruly, unsafe or illegal behaviour you won't be admitted to the campsite and/or you will be evicted from the campsite. You will not qualify for a refund. Don't spoil the vibe for others.  

We have on-site security present to help protect you when you're in the festival and the campsite. 

To get into the campsite you must present your camping wristband to the staff at the camp entrance. 

As part of our effort to keep everyone safe, and to protect our beautiful environment, we ask that you do not bring any of the following items onto the festival campsite. If you are found with any of these items you will not be allowed to enter the camp site. The item may be confiscated, you may be escorted from site, and/or our security / the police may be informed.


  • Amplified sound – in other words large speakers, sound systems

  • Animals – service animals are allowed

  • Compressed gas tanks – helium, nitrous etc

  • Drones or remote control vehicles or toys

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia 

  • Extra car batteries

  • Flammables – including fireworks

  • Furniture – sofas, couches, recliners, lazy boy chairs etc

  • Generators

  • Heating appliances

  • Kegs

  • Open flames – candles, campfires, bamboo torches etc

  • Balloons

  • Segways

  • Slip n slides

  • Weapons of any kind (including toy ones)

  • Cooking inside of tents

  • Excessive gas bottles

If you are unclear about an answer, assume the answer is NO and leave it behind.

General, Family, and Accessibility Camp

No you cannot - this is a fire safety regulation. However, we have a carpark located nearby for all general, family and accessibility campers. 

Upon arrival you'll be permitted to drive into the tenting area to unload your gear. Your vehicle then needs to be moved to the adjacent carpark. No exceptions!

Yes. Gate entrances will be marked Gate A & Gate B, please ensure you check in at the correct gate.

Gate A – Coronation Ave, Rogan St - Mason Drive (TSB Stadium, Tucson Stand) -

  • Glamping, Family, Accessible camping only.

Gate B – Coronation Ave, racecourse

  • Outer oval: motorhome, bus, caravan, car-sleeper vehicle
  • Centre oval: general camping, tents etc


Access to the campsites starts at 9am Friday 15 March 2024 and the latest departure from the campsite is 10am, Monday 18  March 2023. 

High winds and rain are common. Prepare your campsite by securing any tents, structures or items that may be affected in these conditions.

We strongly suggest you leave valuables at home. WOMAD is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave valuable items in your tent.

No. Only unpowered campsites are available.

Shower and toilet facilities are available in the campsite.

The camp office is located in the TSB Stadium.

Motorhome Camp

No. All campsites are unpowered.

RVs, motorhomes, caravans, sleepervans, house buses and trucks are all welcome.

No! No tents! All tents must go in the General, Family, or Accessibility areas. Having tents in the motorhome camp is a safety hazard. This includes awnings.

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