Accessibility FAQs

Accessibility at WOMAD

WOMAD is a festival for everybody! We offer a range of accessible features to ensure as many people as possible are able to enjoy the event. Check through this page to see what is available. If you require help while at WOMAD, you can call or stop by our WOMAD Information Centre.


Entry and Parking

We have a pickup and drop off service using golf carts for those with mobility issues. These are scheduled and will run on the hour and half hour only. This is not an on-demand system so please be patient and courteous.

To get into the festival:

The golf cart will pick you up from either the Kaimata St pickup point, or the Racecourse pickup point (located top of the walking track). There is a waiting area at each pickup point next to the accessible carpark. The golf cart will come and take you to the Information Centre (inside the festival).

To get out of the festival:

The pickup point inside the festival is the Information Centre, where you will be taken back to either the Kaimata St or Racecourse waiting areas.

Please submit an application request to receive an accessible parking pass. You will need to provide proof that you will have a valid Mobility Parking Pass that covers March 2024. 

Approved applications for parking passes will need to be collected from the WOMAD Desk at the Plymouth Hotel, Courtney Street, New Plymouth from Wednesday 13th March. 

To enter the festival, you will need to be wearing your WOMAD 2024 wristband. 

Access is via: 

  • Kaimata St (Gate C) (level access, gravel pathway) 
  • Racecourse (viaGate B) Coronation Ave. 

If you require flat access to the site,suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters or similar,then please choose the Kaimata St entrance (Gate C). Note the path is gravel

There are two designated accessible parking areas:

  • Kaimata St (Gate C)
  • Racecourse (via Gate B) Coronation Ave.

Note a WOMAD Accessible Parking Pass is required to park in these carparks.

Kaimata St Parking (Gate C)

This is the only level access to the festival site with LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE.
There is a road closure in place and traffic is one-way access only from Brooklands Road.

The Parking Crew will assist you in parking and there is a gazebo with seating.
A golf cart will operate from Gate C: Kaimata St - to -WOMAD Information Centre.

Racecourse Parking (via Gate B)

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. The Racecourse accessible parking area is accessed through Gate B: via Coronation Avenue. Follow the signs and there is a pick up and drop off area at the top of the Racecourse track area by the VIP car park. A golf cart will operate from the Racecourse to - WOMAD Information Centre.

At the festival

It is important to be aware that half the WOMAD site is on a hillside. We have viewing platforms at the top of the road to the Bowl stage for wheelchair users. The Brooklands and Gables Stages are fully accessible. Please note the Pinetum Corner is not easily accessible for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Accessible toilets are well signed posted and are located at the Racecourse gate end of the main Bowl Stage, and at the top of the site behind the Global Village Food Court.

There are three over 65+ years viewing platforms and accessible viewing areas.

Gables and Brooklands stages have accessible viewing areas adjacent to the over 65’s viewing platform.

Bowl stage has an over 65’s platform and on the lakeside of the track is an area suitable for wheelchair viewing.

Support for the hearing impaired will be available through the WOMAD Information Centre on request. For assistance please contact the WOMAD Information Centre to request this at festival time.

Support for the hearing impaired will be available through the WOMAD Information Centre on request. For assistance please contact the WOMAD Information Centre to request this at festival time.

Camping - accessible tenting area

On arrival at the campsite your festival & camping tickets will be exchanged for a Camping Wristband. All campers must remain in your vehicles on arrival at the campsite for check in, ticket scanning/exchange and wrist banding.

There is limited parking in your camping area. 

Yes. Gate entrances will be marked Gate A & Gate B, please ensure you check in at the correct gate.

  • Gate A – Coronation Ave, Rogan St - Mason Drive (TSB Stadium, Tucson Stand)- Glamping, Family, Accessible only.
  • Gate B – Coronation Ave, racecourse - Outer oval: motorhome, bus, caravan, car-sleeper vehicles AND Centre oval: general camping, tents etc


A golf cart can be booked to transfer you at an arranged time from your campsite to the Racecourse Golf Cart tent. Please see the Campsite Manager at the TSB Stadium Campsite office to arrange.  

Accessible toilets and showers are located within the TSB Stadium. 

At the campsite visit WOMAD Campsite Office for assistance or queries. 


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