WOMAD has a long and successful history of being eco-friendly. By teaming up with TSB we offer you access to FREE water and also premium chilled water, and reusable drink bottles and globelet cups.

TSB Wai Water Refill Stations

Keep hydrated when you're at WOMAD with fresh FREE water from a TSB Wai Water Refill Station. These handy units are dotted around the WOMAD site at convenient locations. Bring your own bottle or cup (non-glass please), and fill up!

TSB Wai Water Stall

Visit the TSB Wai Water Stall and grab yourself a new reusable bottle with either cool chilled or sparkling water. Chilled water refills are available to purchase here too. Located alongside the WoStore.

Reusable Drink Bottles

You're welcome to bring your own reusable (non-glass) drink bottles and fill up on-site (less weight to carry that way!) Or you can purchase one of our snazzy WOMAD reusable drinks bottles. Get them from the TSB Wai Water Stall.