Workshops / Ngā Whanga toi

Te Paepae

Workshops / Ngā Whanga toi

Enter a cultural voyage celebrating global creativity!

Join WOMAD artists as they unveil the artistry behind their traditional techniques, filling the atmosphere with inspiration. Engage in hands-on workshops led by these talented creators, where artistic expression takes centre stage. The artists set the rhythm for an immersive experience enriched with storytelling and cultural insights.

Located at the Te Paepae stage these workshops are set to excite. Prepare for a blend of laughter, narrative, and the unveiling of cherished artistic methods in this captivating showcase of cultural enrichment.

Moonlight Benjamin  

Step into the enchanting world of Vodou (Voodoo) with Moonlight Benjamin, a genuine Haitian Vodou priestess. Experience a rare wellbeing session as she weaves healing through song, dance, percussion, and spirituality. Join us for an evening of positive energy and connection with Mother Earth. Warning: you might find yourself singing and dancing along! 


Delve into the vibrant world of Kuduro, a fusion of electronic beats and traditional Angolan rhythms. Influenced by Sungura and rap, this energetic dance form originated in Angola in the 1990s and continues to captivate dancefloors worldwide today. Join Pongo and dancers Aleksandra and Mariana for an immersive experience where you can learn this unusual dance style, and most importantly, have fun. 

Kanifit Dance  

Embark on a vibrant dance adventure with KANIFIT, a workshop crafted by Puna Wano Bryant that fuses Māori, Latino, and global music rhythms. Dance alongside Puna and Team Azucar for an enlightening, wairua (spirit) infused, and uplifting journey, all within a celebratory atmosphere! This workshop welcomes participants of all backgrounds and levels. 

Cormac Begley   

Discover and cultivate your distinctive musical identity in this inclusive workshop designed for all musicians. Cormac, a renowned concertina player from West Kerry, shares insights on personal style development. Topics include practical advice, diverse approaches, and strategies to enhance your expressive capabilities, fostering individuality.  

Kapa Haka 

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of kapa haka at WOMAD NZ with our local senior kapa haka Rōpuu, Ngā Purapura o Te Taihauāuru. The workshop will feature contemporary Māori games, vocal warm ups, poi, haka and culminate with a closing karakia and uplifting himene. Join us for a cultural journey! 

Baaba Maal  

Explore Senegal’s rich rhythms in this workshop led by Baaba Maal’s band members. Discover the artistry of polyrhythms, from the traditional Sabar and Djembe to the mesmerising talking drum. Uncover the history of these instruments, once used to send messages between villages, with sounds travelling up to six kilometres.  

Dr Aseem Guatam  - Laughing Yoga 

Join the laughter revolution at WOMAD with Laughter Yoga – where happiness is the ultimate exercise. Founded by Dr. Kataria, it blends laughter exercises and yogic breathing for joy cultivation. Originating in Mumbai in 1995, it’s now a global sensation. Unwind, connect, and laugh without reason in this safe space of pure joy. 

Mari Kalkun 

In this vocal exploration with Mari Kalkun delve into the ancient art of Võro runosong. The 4000-year-old singing tradition uses a unique blend of speech-like melodies and rap, featuring repetitive choruses and laments. Discover the beauties of the unique Võro language, spoken by just 75,000 people. No instruments required!


Embark on a musical odyssey with Equus as the world-renowned throat singer and Morin Khuur master, Bukhu, guides you through the rich tapestry of Mongolian music. Dive into the art of Khuumi, the unique throat singing technique. Bring your singing voice, as participants explore Khuumi basics through Mongolian melodies.   

Good Habits  

Discover the joy of singing with Good Habits in an inclusive workshop suitable for all ages and abilities. Join in the fun as participants learn and sing by ear, with no prior experience necessary. The workshop begins with simple tunes, gradually progressing to harmonious melodies crafted by Good Habits, as well as songs from diverse global traditions.  


Te Paepae Stage Schedule
Fri, 6pm Moonlight Benjamin
Fri, 8pm Pongo 
Sat, 12.30pm Kanifit Dance  
Sat, 2.30pm Cormac Begley
Sat, 4.30pm Kapa Haka 
Sat, 6.30pm Baaba Maal  
Sun, 12pm Dr Aseem Guatam - Laughing Yoga
Sun, 2pm Mari Kalkun 
Sun, 4pm Equus 
Sun, 6.30pm Good Habits