Fin Rah Zel

Fin Rah Zel


The mood-lifting and serotonin-boosting Fin Rah Zel hail from WOMAD's very own Taranaki. Their catchy tunes are dripping in summer vibes, wrapped in sweet melodies, and honeyed with riffs that are both toe-tapping and soul-stirring. Shooting up the charts and landing on some of Spotify’s most popular playlists, this formidable four-piece whisks their audiences to dizzying and transcendent heights.

The nature-loving quartet weave a distinct blend of dreamy zen and infectious optimism into their indie soul, drawing crowds wherever they go. Transcending conventional boundaries and creating a heartening and feel-good atmosphere, their mission is to foster prosperity through the transformative power of music.

Taranaki offshore partnership taste the world Workshop

Spinach Paneer Curry  

Join the talented musicians that make up Fin Rah Zel for a showcase their culinary skills with a vibrant band favourite; Spinach Paneer Curry. With harmonious melodies in the air, they blend traditional spices and fresh ingredients, offering a delicious taste of cultural fusion.

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