Good Habits

Good Habits


Delightfully quirky and brimming with folky goodness, Good Habits weaves a scrapbook of poetic life lessons into the vibrant power of cellos and accordions. With storytelling at the heart of their musical mission, the nomadic duo playfully melds virtuosic musicianship and vocal harmony into an action-packed world of musical adventure. Hailing from the UK, but forged under lockdown in Aotearoa, their sound washes over audiences with a warm hug, lifting them to their feet. The love child of singer-cellist Bonnie Schwarz and accordionist Pete Shaw, Good Habits are fresh from an energetic and euphoric performance at Glastonbury.


Artist Workshop

Discover the joy of singing with Good Habits in an inclusive workshop suitable for all ages and abilities. Join in the fun as participants learn and sing by ear, with no prior experience necessary. The workshop begins with simple tunes, gradually progressing to harmonious melodies crafted by Good Habits, as well as songs from diverse global traditions.

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