Helen Lehndorf

Helen Lehndorf

Helen Lehndorf, the spirited Taranaki writer now rocking the Manawatū scene, isn't just a wordsmith—she's a lifelong forager and the brains behind the Manawatū Urban Foraging group. Her latest literary escapade, A Forager’s Life, hit the NZ nonfiction top ten list, charming readers with a blend of nature's wonders and Lehndorf's enchanting prose. A Scorpio Books review hails it as a 'wonderful read for those seeking a deeper connection with their environment.' Helen's words have also graced anthologies like Kaupapa and Swings and Roundabouts, making her a literary force to reckon with. Join the foraging fun!


Taranaki offshore partnership taste the world workshop

A Foraged Plate 
Experience the magic of foraging with author and forager Helen Lehndorf. Join her for a unique cooking demonstration where she crafts a curated selection of wild seed crackers infused with fennel, plantain, and dock seeds, accompanied by a tantalizing 'weedy pesto' bursting with wild flavours.

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Foragers Life
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